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YiJing - I Ching Consultation

YiJing - I Ching Consultation

The Yijing (I Ching) [Yi = Change, Jing= Book/ Classic] is a book of ancient origins, recent archeology in southern China points to a period around 1000BCE around the transition from Shang to Zhou dynasties. Interestingly and it appears that the core text actually came into being before the Trigrams and Hexagrams that are now synonymous with the text.

I’ve read and consulted the YiJing for over twenty years, bit it is only in the last five years that I’ve felt truly at home exploring its depths.

It is important to note, the Yijing does not tell the future. What it is, is a process of divination that enables the user to gain a clear insight into their current situation. This is done by helping you become aware of the "currents" of time that influence your life. We have all been in the situation where a course of events have unfolded and we look back in hindsight and ask "why couldn't I see this coming?" The reason you don't see it is because you become too immersed and involved in the present. What the Yijing enables you to do is to step out of time and observe all of the currents of influence flowing through your situation, these currents include people, confounding circumstances and personal interactions.

Key to successful use of the Yijing is the formulation of the question you wish to ask of the Yijing. I have often found, both for myself and those I've consulted for the very act of formulating a question in itself brings great insight.

I will of course give guidance on this at the start of our consultation.

The process of receiving a consultation is as follows:

Once you have made initial contact with me via email, we'll connect via  Zoom or FaceTime to discuss the issue you wish to consult on.

Once I have received payment (£100 / $105) via bank transfer I'll schedule into my meditation timetable your question. Due to the time taken I can only carry out one consultation per day, so it could take a few days before I can do a follow up session on your question.

Once I've done the reading I'll contact you to let you know, at the same time I'll give you the outline response to give you a little time to think it over.

I'll arrange with you a convenient time when we can then discuss in detail the reading and its implications for you and your situation.

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