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Stephen Forde in a sitting meditation posture

YangShen Dao

Tai Chi for Health and Well Being

TaiJi has become well recognised across the world for its wide ranging health benefits. These include enhanced balance, coordination and flexibility. 

Due to the emphasis on deep relaxed respiration  TaiJi has proven capable of improving the breathing of asthmatics and of course its most famous attribute, the reduction of stress and anxiety and their  symptoms.

TaiJi has been and continues to be subject to extensive research into its benefits. Learning TaiJi for health involves learning a sequence of movements, usually known variously as "the form", "the hand form" or "TaiJi Form". 

The traditional form consists of anything up to 118 postures and can take over 35 minutes to perform. This traditional form is, when time and space allows the most effective method of practice. However it has to be recognised that many people don't have the time to learn or practise the long form. To address this problem I teach shorter forms, which can be repeated or performed left handed, or if desired used as a basis to learn the long form at a later date. 

TaiJi  for health is a low impact activity that is accessible to individuals with a wide range of physical abilities and of any age, making it an ideal activity for Health Clubs. Because the movements are slow and controlled they assist in rehabilitation from injury and the prolonged use of single weighted stances has ben shown to enhance bone density thus reducing the risk of osteoporosis. Done properly it should also exercise the mind, helping to develop focus and memory.

Private On-Line training can be arranged from £45. per 60 minute session.

If you’d like to discuss please email me to arrange a conversation.

Workshops and Retreats

If you’re interested in featuring Tai Chi, Dao Yin or Meditation in a workshop or retreat event please get in touch via email.

Tai Ji Sword Images
Needle Points South - Sword
Picking A Star - Sword
Step Back Coiled Dragon - Sword
Undercut - Dao
Removing Boots - Dao
Lying Fish - Dao
Golden Cockerel - Hand Form
Punch - Hand Form
Oblique Punch - Hand Form
Separating Leg Right - Hand Form
Needle At See Bottom - Hand Form

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