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Looking for Martial Arts classes covering TaiJI (Tai Chi) or XingYi (Hsing I) for health or self defence?

This club has been operating continuously in Stockport, south Manchester since 1991. Being based in Stockport Town Centre, classes are easily accessible from Heaton Moor, Heaton Norris, Heaton Chapel, Heaton Mersey, Offerton, Davenport and Didsbury.

The focus of the classes is, and always had been, on quality instruction to dedicated students. Classes are aimed at adults, they are small and informal. Please get in touch if you have any questions. Email me here. Or give me a call on 07462 910 920 (this could go to voice mail, please leave a message).

The club specialises in Hong Kong / Wudang branch of Wu Style TaiJiQuan and Hebei / Shang branch of XingYiQuan. Both methods providing effective self defence, fitness and health.

The Instructor is Steve Forde, with close to thirty years of Martial Arts experience, Steve is one of only a very few teachers in the north of England, that can actually teach TaiJi as a Martial Art.

As anyone can claim to be a Martial Arts teacher (membership of national bodies is all too often subject to the payment of a fee rather than on any serious assessment of knowledge or skill) it is important you look for someone with real knowledge and experience. Unfortunately there are many people teaching Tai Chi who have done nothing more than a short course themselves, often they're actually part of a franchise. Yes these days franchises don't just supply burgers and coffee! It's important that you get quality instruction to gain the real benefits that Tai Chi can provide. I can provide the full traditional Tai Chi Syllabus including Weapons, Dao Yin and Nei Gong.

The Martial Art of XingYi on the other hand is extremely rare, so rare that many people claiming to teach it appear to have taught themselves from videos!

A little information on Steve's training and experience is here.

A new class has recently been opened in Preston under the guidance of Mike Bennett. The class is held at The Shudokan Aikido Club.

The name Yuan Yi Nei Jia Quan means "Original Intent Internal Boxing". This indicates that great importance is placed upon correct technique and high levels of mental focus, just as it was when these

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arts were originally created. In addition all training is balanced, so that regardless of which area of training you choose, it will always be good for all three aspects of life; body (Vitality), mind (Energy) and spirit.

Reflecting that interest in health I also offer Daoist Yoga and Physical Therapy sessions.

There's more to Martial Arts than fighting!

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