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I’ve been training in Chinese Martial Arts for over thirty years specialising in Nei Jia Quan (Internal Schools of Boxing) and teaching for over twenty years. Over that time I’ve experienced many teaching styles and school structures. I’ve experimented with quite a few myself.

Using this experience I’ve devised a training process that gives a clear structure to training. The classes initially focus on core martial skills and the development of the fitness and flexibility required. Once a basic level of skill has been acquired your training moves onto more focused XingYiQuan and from there on to TaiJiQuan. For those interested in gaining some self defence skills, this takes approximately 12 months. You can read a little more about XingYi and TaiJi by following the links in the menues.

If you are specifically interested in TaiJI, you can go straight into that class, it isn't essential to study XingYi first.

Please note, I do not offer a children's class. If you have a child under ten with an interest in martial arts I strongly recommend Judo. Judo at most levels does not include kicks and punches, this makes it ideal for younger children whose emotional immaturity could result in unfortunate consequences if they should resort to kicking and punching, particularly in a modern school environment. A few other reasons that Judo is ideal is that it is a very hands on activity right from the start so its a great way to build confidence and burn up energy, additionally the British Judo Association has great coaches with a lot of experience in training young children.

My classes are available to anyone from seventeen up to, well, you're never too old to train, so any age you like.




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