Starting with Shaolin (Lau Gar) Kung Fu, initially under the late George Wellington and later under Chris Boughey, both successful full and semi contact fighters. Steve trained in Lau Gar for ten years.

In the mid 1980’s Steve joined the Police, this experience caused him to want to broaden his martial knowledge and he started to study TaiJi under the guidance of Dan Docherty. Dan who lived in Hong Kong for over ten years working as a Police Officer studied Wudang TaiJi under Chen Tin-Hung. Dan won the open weight category in the 1980 South East Asian Martial Arts Championships. A full contact tournament with few rules and light weight gloves. Steve was fortunate to be able to gain knowledge of a true lineage Tai Chi school including traditional long hand form, a variety of weapons and the Wu style Nei Gong (internal strength) sets.

Steve’s martial training has always focused on practical application and although he has been fortunate enough to train with some of the finest exponents of their respective arts he is still curious and willing to look to new styles or training methods to help develop his own understanding.

This curiosity led him to start training in XingYi. Again seeking the best teacher he could find Steve began to train with Di Gouyong of Beijing. His training included several memorable trips to Florida to take part in intensive courses with Di Gouyong at Nick Scrima’s Clearwater Kung Fu School.







Although his primary interest in training has always been on practical self defence, he has never lost sight of the fundamental truth that good health underpins all training. So even if your interest is not primarily self defence you’ll find a lot to benefit from the classes, particularly the TaiJi for Health Class and the Dao Yin (Taoist Yoga) Class.

This interest in good health has led Steve to study a range of physical therapies over the years including Tui Na, (Chinese Medical Massage).

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