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Persoanl Training With A Different Approach

Reading through this site, you can see the breadth of my experience in martial arts, Dao Yin Yoga and Physical Therapy.

If you are looking to improve your health, raise energy levels, get fitter, possibly lose a little weight and maybe boost your self confidence, but at the same time hate gyms or noisy competitive fitness classes, I can offer you something a little different.

My approach is built around the skills and techniques the feature across this site; that is a calm relaxed approach to developing fitness, while at the same time improving mental and physical balance.

You may see some really fit people who don’t look very well at all and sometimes not that happy either. These people often lack balance in their approach to fitness; poor nutrition, over emphasis on one type of training, their training regime actually introduce stress into their bodies and mind.

They achieve fitness but not true health, inevitably after a time their fitness will start to fail because something has to give when the body and mind is out of balance.

I’ll create a bespoke fitness regime specifically to address your needs. It doesn’t matter where you’re starting from. I’ll start right at the beginning; I’ll go through your fridge to help you sort out a long term eating plan. Not sure about what type of training shoes? No problem I’ll talk you through it.

Physically, we’ll discover together, where you are at; good points and bad. Although a lot of what we’ll be doing is based on martial training you won’t have to throw a punch or a kick, unless you want to of course.