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This school has been operating continuously in Stockport, south Manchester since 1991. Based in Whitfield House, Viaduct St, Stockport Town Centre, SK3 0AD. Classes are easily accessible from Heaton Moor, Heaton Norris, Heaton Chapel, Heaton Mersey, Offerton, Davenport and Didsbury.

The focus of the classes is, and always had been, on quality instruction to enthusiasts. Classes are aimed at adults (17+), they are small and informal. Please get in touch if you have any questions. Email me here. Or give me a call on 07462 910 920 (this could go to voice mail, please leave a message).

The school specialises in Hong Kong / Wudang branch of Wu Style TaiJiQuan and Hebei / Shang branch of XingYiQuan. Both methods providing effective self defence, fitness and health benefits.

The Instructor is Steve Forde, with close to thirty years of experience. A little information on Steve's training and experience is here.

The name Yuan Yi Nei Quan means "Original Intent Internal Boxing". This indicates that great importance is placed upon correct technique and high levels of mental focus, just as it was when these arts were originally created. In addition all training is balanced, so that regardless of which area of training you choose, it will always be good for all three aspects of life; body (Vitality), mind (Energy) and spirit.

Reflecting that interest in health I also offer Daoist Yoga and Physical Therapy sessions.

Study commences with learning strong foundations. Traditional Tai Chi can be a litle daunting at first, so I start by teaching a shorter form of 55 moves rather than the traditional 108 steps. The shorter form contains all of the essential techniques but takes about half the time to learn.

Once you have a basic understanding of the short Tai Chi Form and you are interested in moving onto learning martial arts / self defence, you can then start to learn XingYi and beyond that return to expanding your knowledge of Tai Chi by learning the full tradional long form. But if your interest is focused upon health the shorter form is all that you need.

You may read about some very short forms; some are only 12 or 18 steps long. They are certainly quite easy to learn but the brevity

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means that they lack variety of movement so offer little physical benefit and the shortness of the sequence prevents you achieving the level of mental concentration that is essential to gain the benefits Tai Chi practice.

Tai Chi can be practiced with the level of physical challenge you want, from easy to demanding.

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Beginners are welcome at anytime, come along and have a go! I would suggest trying Tai Chi at 7pm on Tuesdays to start.