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Bowen Therapy: Is a light touch therapy

For those that prefer a less energetic approach to physical therapy I use Bowen Technique:

Bowen Technique is a relatively modern creation. It was devised by an Australian called Tom Bowen in the forties and fifties. Tom studied a range of skills and added his own unique insights to create his own methodology. Bowen Technique can be highly effective as a free standing methodology and many Bowen Therapist do nothing but Bowen Technique.

One of the great benefits of Bowen Technique is that it is a very gentle procedure, so it is an ideal starting point for patients with high levels of pain. Bowen can easily be integrated with Dao Yin Therapy to create a very gentle stretching and relaxing treatment.

I work out of Studio 17, Egerton Road South, Heaton Chapel, Stockport. A beautiful private Yoga Studio.

To learn more about Bowen Technique or the other therapies I offer please visit my Therapy Site; The Body Holistic

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